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Diversity in the student body is an important characteristic of the SCM program. While applicants are expected to have an aptitude for analytical thinking, they do not need to have an undergraduate degree in engineering. We invite students of all disciplines to apply.

Beyond education, relevant work experience will weigh heavily in the admissions decision.

Application Deadlines

All SCM Applications are for fall term admission. The program has three admissions rounds each year:

Round I Deadline: November 15
Round II Deadline: February 1
Round III Deadline: April 1

Students are welcome to submit their applications at any point before each round's deadline. All students are encouraged to apply early while slots are still available. We also strongly encourage international students to apply in Round I or Round II to allow more time for visa processing.

Online Application

Please note that we will be using a new online application system, however, all of the requirements will remain the same.

All candidates must apply online. The online application for admission for Fall 2016 will open on September 15th. If you would like to preview the admission form, click here (PDF).

To apply to SCM's highly competitive program, you must submit more than just an application. Below is a list of all the supplemental documents needed to complete your application. Note that all SCM students start the program in August. For questions about application materials, contact the SCM Admissions Office.

1. GMAT/GRE test results
2. IELTS/TOEFL test results
3. Resumé
4. Transcripts
5. Recommendations
6. Statement of Objectives in Logistics and the SCM program
7. Essay questions
8. Video Applycam Statement
9. Video Interview


GMAT/GRE test results
All applicants are required to take either the GRE General Test or the GMAT. Please have the official score reports sent directly from ETS to us online.

GRE Institute code: 3514
GRE Department code: 4313
GMAT code: X5X-QS-17


IELTS/TOEFL test results
Minimum score required: 7 (IELTS) or 100 (TOEFL)

Applicants from non-English-speaking nations must also offer evidence of written and oral proficiency in the English language by taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Please have the official score reports emailed directly from ETS to our office.


Your current resume or C.V. is required as part of your application materials. You will upload your resume directly in the application system.

Relevant work experience weighs heavily in SCM admissions decisions. The résumé should be in the standard format, including academic degree information with GPA information following each degree.


You may upload unofficial transcripts as part of your application for admission. If you are admitted to the SCM Program you must provide official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate programs you have participated in to date. Please send them to:

    SCM Admissions
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    77 Massachusetts Avenue, E40-359
    Cambridge, MA 02139-4307


Letters of Recommendation
You must provide three recommendations from people capable of judging your professional and/or academic promise (i.e., supervisor, professor).

Because our admissions committee focuses on work experience, we urge applicants to provide two letters of recommendations from their professional experience and one academic recommendation letter.

Recommenders must complete an SCM-specific evaluation form. When you apply online, you will send a request to your recommenders to complete and submit this form electronically. We do not want to receive a simple letter from them.

If your recommenders choose not to complete the form electronically, you may request a form from the SCM Admissions Office. Each recommendation should be sealed in its own envelope by the evaluator and mailed to SCM Admissions (address provided above in Transcript section).


Statement of Intent
Please give your reasons for wishing to do graduate work in Supply Chain Management. Prepare your statement of objectives and goals in whatever form clearly presents your views. Include as best you can, your particular interests, be they experimental, theoretical, or issue-oriented, and show how your background and MIT's Global SCALE Network programs support these interests. Explain your long-term professional goals. The Admissions Committee will welcome any factors you wish to bring to its attention concerning your academic and work experience to date. The statement should be no longer than 500 words.


Essay Question
In addition to the statement of intent, SCM also requires an essay to be sent in with your transcripts and résumé. The essay should be no longer than 500 words. Essay question provided below:

Please choose an area or topic in supply chain management or logistics that interests you and describe the research you would like to be a part of or see done. Feel free to cite examples from your work experience, readings, and previous courses.


Video Applycam Statement
You will need webcam capability to complete your application. As part of your application you will record a video statement (3:00 time limit) answering the following question:

Why do you want to get a Master's degree in supply chain management?


Video Interview
Also as part of your application we need to hear from you in person. After you have submitted the written portion of your application you will respond via webcam to a series of three questions (one minute time limit for each question). Please follow the link in the email you will receive after you submit the written form to record your responses and complete your application. The video interview will be the final component of your application.