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SCM offers many ways to hire its outstanding students. While the traditional method of conducting an on-campus presentation and interviews is an effective form of recruitment, it is not the only way of targeting our cohort. We can work with your company individually and customize a recruitment plan that would fit into your plans. See our Employment Report on our students and who recruits with us.

If you would like to learn more about recruitment options for current students or SCM alumni, please contact Len Morrison, lmorriso@mit.edu

Resume Book

Available to SCM partners.


Recruiting Options

Resume Drop: Hiring firm provides a job description and interested students submit their resumes.

On-Campus Info Session/Interviews: Hiring firm provides lunch/evening presentation to students. Private interviews in breakout rooms follow in the afternoon or next morning.

Social Mixers/Receptions: Network with students in a low-key environment at a local venue.

Skype Interviews: Can be arranged with students from SCALE programs and conducted in the SCM Skype interview room.

Recruiting Calendar

August and early September: Presentations by partner companies sponsoring MIT SCM master thesis projects.

September to Mid-December: Recruiting of MIT SCM and SCALE students open for all companies by appointment.

January: SCALE students from Spain, Malaysia, and Latin America arrive at MIT. Open recruiting by appointment available for MIT SCM and SCALE students.

February: Recruiting of MIT SCM and SCALE students open to all companies by appointment.

Get Involved
Companies who join the Supply Chain Exchange program at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics are eligible to sponsor SCM master thesis projects. This increased exposure to the students can improve your recruiting effectiveness.

Contact Katie Date, datecl@mit.edu or +1 617-253-5239, for more information.

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