Doctoral Program in Supply Chain Management

Doctoral Program

MIT PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain

The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL) works with two other departments to offer the PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain: The interdepartmental Transportation Education Committee hosted by Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and The Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS). The interdepartmental structure of the program allows students flexibility in developing individual programs of study that cross both disciplinary and departmental lines. The student’s research is performed at, and is supervised by faculty at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. Students must apply for this program through either CEE or IDSS and indicate on their application their interest in pursuing a PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain.
Apply for the PhD degree through CEE
Apply for the PhD degree through IDSS

University of Zaragoza PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This full-time program follows the highest international quality standards for doctoral studies, from the intensive admissions process to the comprehensive exam and thesis defense. Students in their second year can spend a semester or longer at MIT and have the opportunity to study at other leading business and engineering schools. The ZLC PhD degree and MIT-Zaragoza certificate enable graduates to take faculty positions at leading universities around the world or to become innovation leaders for international companies.

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Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) PhD in Supply Chain Management 

The doctoral program offered by the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) aims to develop scholars in supply chain management, who are committed to advancing the knowledge of supply chain management to tackle the challenges faced by supply chains in the 21st century. Given the continuing shift of economic power from the West to Asia, the program seeks to tackle challenges peculiar to the region and have global implications. In the course of their studies, students will acquire broad knowledge of the field of supply chain management, deep understanding of a traditional domain, and proficiency in one or more research methods. By the time of dissertation defense, the student will have conducted original scholarship on supply chain management, advancing theory, and informing policy or practice. Students are expected to complete the program in five years.

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