SCALE Alumni ReConnect 2012


MIT Campus

The annual MIT SCALE Alumni ReConnect welcomes alumni back to campus to network with each other and continue their professional education.

ReConnect 2012 begins with a reception on the evening of June 28 and continues through the early afternoon on June 29.

Our guest speaker in the morning is Frank Quinn, Editor, Supply Chain Management Review “What's Hot in Supply Chain Right Now”. Because of Frank’s unique position as the editor of the leading journal in SCM, he has a great vantage point to see the world of supply chain management.

The afternoon features 4 SCM/MLOG alumni who started their own businesses. They will tell their story, describing the journey that they have been on since graduation from MIT’s SCM (or MLOG) program. They will give advice about what worked and what didn’t and describe their experience.

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Please come a day early to fully participate in Crossroads 2012, CTL's annual conference, on June 28. The theme this year is “Supply Chains in Transition: The Driving Forces of Change.” Global population shifts, the growth of megacities, and projected shortages of vital natural resources are some of the major forces that will reshape supply chain management (SCM) over the next five to 10 years. Crossroads 2012 will convene leading experts from MIT and the business community to discuss the impact of these changes on companies and the supply chain profession.

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