SCM Professional Speaker Series: Frederic Clulow and Victor Tang


1-190 - Pierce Laboratory, Building 1

The first speakers in the SCM Professional Speaker Series kicks off with two distinguished supply chain and logistics professionals, Frederic Clulow and Victor Tang. This event is free and open to the public. A light breakfast will be served at 10am, and there will be a small break between speakers.


  • Frédéric Clulow, Business Development Manager for Kezzler AS, a company focused on supply chain serialization and traceability.
  • Víctor Tang, who is an MIT ESD alumni and has a diverse resume of executive-level positions at IBM and with the International Olympics Committee (IOC).

Frédéric's Clulow's Bio:

Frédéric has been involved in the security assurance industry for over 11 years, with experience coordinating, undertaking and consulting for fortune 500 companies in areas involving counterfeiting and supply chain security efforts in Asia, the United States, Africa and Latin America. He is a trained auditor for Information Security Management, Supply Chain Security Management, the North American Security Products Organization’s Security Assurance standard and is an approved Validator for the Customs and Border Protection’s Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism.

Frédéric has published several articles on the development and implementation of a Risk Management strategy and has been an often-invited speaker on the same topic. He is currently the Business Development Manager for the Americas for Kezzler AS, a Norwegian provider of product authentication and supply chain traceability solutions.

Frédéric received his Magna cum Laude Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Economics and History from Temple University in 2002, which he followed-up with a post-graduate degree in Business Administration and one in Human Resources Management.

Víctor Tang's Bio:

Víctor's current research is on creativity, services, and the concept of uncertainty. His research at MIT was on product development and decision theory. He also advises senior executives in businesses and technology start ups. He continues to lecture on complex systems-architecture to MIT graduate students. He also just completed a complex-systems architecture case study for a textbook authored by MIT faculty.

Víctor was a corporate executive in some key IBM strategic initiatives. In 1997, he led the strategy for shifting IBM from hardware to services. To help turn around the IT disaster of the 1994 Summer Olympics, Víctor was handpicked as executive for client relations before the International Olympics Committee (IOC) and as the technology system manager for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. For these games, the IOC president said, “Technology wins the Gold.” Similarly for IBM’s China strategy, Víctor was appointed as the first Director General of the IBM and China Technology Cooperation Committee to represent IBM before the Chinese Ministry of Electronics Industry (the policymaking body for China's computer industry). Unprecedented in the history of the Chinese government, he was able to negotiate approval from China’s politburo for a detailed seminar disclosing China’s 5-year plan for the electronics and communications industry. China’s Vice-Minister of Electronics Industry led the seminar before IBM’s corporate management committee. Victor was also the line executive for strategy, business/market development, and advanced systems development for the IBM AS/400 computer family. He also led the initial US Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award application that ultimately won that award for IBM. As a senior executive in IBM corporate finance and strategy, he was responsible for the development (for the board of directors and all operating units) of IBM’s six-year investment strategy. To that end, he worked with IBM’s Corporate Management Committee. He has received numerous IBM excellence awards. He was a designated speaker at IBM’s Executive Management School, and a regular designated speaker at key IBM senior executive and industry conferences.

Víctor has advised F100 companies and governmental organizations; such as, the United Nations, China, Taiwan, Chile, Finland, the Economic Forum, etc. The issues in these engagements have been technology strategy, innovation, business and market development. He presents in English, Chinese, or Spanish depending on the audience. Recently he worked with the Commandant of the US Naval War College on naval policy and strategy. (The commandant is a retired 4-star Admiral, formerly CinC of US 6th Fleet). He wrote that Vic's work is "certain to prove immensely valuable in our future efforts". For an US Air Force funded work, 4-star General B. Carlson, commended Víctor "for sustained superb performance". Victor is coauthor of three books in technology management: The Silverlake Project (Oxford University Press), Secrets of Software Quality (McGraw Hill), and Competitive Dominance (Van Nostrand & Rheinhold). The Silverlake Project has been translated into Russian, Chinese, and Korean. Former premier of China (Li Peng) wrote the foreword to the Chinese edition. He also has a chapter in the PDMA Toolbook for New Product Development. His recent publications have been in journals and refereed international conferences in which he also served as session chair. At the 2009 International Conference on Engineering Design, he received the “Reviewer’s Favorite” designation for his paper on service science. He has IBM invention disclosures on mainframe computer-systems. Víctor has a BSEE and MS (applied mathematics) from Purdue University, MS (business policy) from Columbia University, and a PhD from MIT in Engineering Systems.