Supply Chain Innovation and Leadership Series (SCILS) -- Bindiya Vital


Building E51-315
MIT Campus

Bindiya Vital
President, Resilinc

Ushering in Supply Chain 3.0 – The Resiliency-optimized Supply Chain

Bindiya Vakil, President of Resilinc, will help us explore this topic; sharing incentive misalignments that drive decisions, and information blind spots that impact resiliency. We will discuss how information and analytics can provide a prioritization framework to quantify and mitigate the biggest risks proactively. Even the most risk aware enterprise will still encounter the perfect storm.  We will talk about how proactive crisis preparation & monitoring can help prepare the enterprise to react quickly and mount a coordinated response when a disruption does occur.

Bindiya Vakil is a supply chain thought leader from Cisco, Solectron (now Flextronics) and Broadcom. While at Cisco, she developed the Design for Resiliency program and led their product and component resiliency efforts. Bindiya’s approach is to operationalize risk management by focusing on 3 key elements: process, tools and analytics. Her philosophy on supply chain risk management is to shift focus from Risk to resiliency by identifying strategic vulnerabilities in the supply chain and bolstering them. She is now the President of Resilinc, a platform solution provider for information, analytics and collaborative risk management. Bindiya has a Masters in Supply Chain from MIT and an MBA from India.