MITx MicroMasters Credential in Supply Chain Management FAQs

Micromasters Basics

What is the MITx MicroMasters Credential in Supply Chain Management ?

The MITx MicroMasters credential in Supply Chain Management is a standalone certification program offered by MITx that is designed and administered by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL); supported by the MIT Office of Digital Learning (ODL); and delivered on The MITx MicroMasters credential consists of five intensive on-line courses covering all aspects of logistics and supply chain management along with an in-person or online, proctored comprehensive final exam. The locations for these comprehensive exams are being determined now and will be global. The total cost of this new MicroMasters credential is between $1200-$1500, to include the cost of the individual courses and the comprehensive final exam. It is important to also note that the MicroMasters is NOT a degree-granting program nor is it a guarantee of admissions to MIT or the SCM graduate program. It is a separate stand-alone professional certificate. More information on the full 10-Month Supply Chain Management Master's program is here.

What are the five online courses required for the MITx MicroMasters Credential in SCM?

Is there a formal way to enroll in the MicroMasters program?

No, there is no formal enrollment in the MicroMasters credential. Instead, you should register for each individual course as you schedule permits. You can do this from the edX platform here.

How much does the MITx MicroMasters Cost?

The cost to take each course is $150. Five courses are needed to qualify for the comprehensive final exam totalling US$750. The comprehensive final exam fee is estimated  between US$600. Therefore, the total cost to complete the MIT MicroMasters Credential in SCM is US$1350.

What materials and books will I need to participate in the course?

All materials, readings and lectures are included in the course materials offered at edX once you sign up for and begin a course. Any supplemental materials will be available for download.

How much time should I expect to spend on each course?

Each course in the MITx MicroMasters runs between 8 and 10 weeks. We expect learners to invest between 6 and 12 hours per week during a course.

When will the next course be run?

May I take one of the courses even though I have not taken its prerequisite?

Yes. The prerequisites for each course are only recommendations on the level of material that will be covered. They are not hard or enforced requirements. We recommend that you look at the Key Concepts Document for each of the prerequisite courses listed to make sure you are comfortable with its content.

Do I have to take the SCx courses in numerical order from SC0x to SC4x?

No. While it is preferred that students take the classes in the numbered sequence, they may be taken in any order.

Is there any way to reduce the time needed to take and pass the five online courses?

No. To earn the MicroMasters Credential you need to successfully earn a verified certificate in all five SCx online courses when they are scheduled and then, pass the comprehensive final exam. The courses are on an instructor-paced schedule rather than self-paced, so there is no way to reduce the time to complete them.

Are courses in given real time, or pre-recorded?

All courses are pre-recorded. Lessons are released every week at 15:00 UTC on Wednesdays. Midterms and final exams are released for 48 hours, at which time you have between 90 minutes and three hours to complete depending on the exam. Course schedules are released during the first week of each course. View a sample course on edX.

May I use two or more different accounts for the SCx courses?

No! Each edX student should have a single edX ID (username and email account) that must be used in the five SCx courses and also in the comprehensive final exam. In fact, using two different edX accounts within the same course are grounds for expulsion from the course.

Do I need to be a verified student to earn the MITx MicroMasters Credential?

Yes. If you are interested in the MIT MicroMasters Credential - you must successfully pass and receive a Verified Certificate in each of the five SCx courses (CTL.SC0x, CTL.SC1x, CTL.SC2x, CTL.SC3x, and CTL.SC4x).

  • You can repeat a course as many times as you need to, but must be verified in the course with the passing grade.
  • Even you pass a course as an audit learner, you need to re-take the course as a verified learner in order for it to count toward the credential. You may not convert to from an audit to verified learner once the verification date for a course has passed (usually two weeks after the course start date).
  • If you fail a course as a verified learner and need to re-take it, you need to verify again in the repeat course. Verification is not transferrable between courses.

What else do I need to do besides pass the courses to earn the SCM MicroMasters Credential?

You need to successfully pass the proctored comprehensive final exam in order to earn the MicroMasters Credential. The comprehensive final exam covers material in all five of the five courses.
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How is the MITx MicroMasters in SCM different from the X-Series program?

The X-Series was the precursor to the MicroMasters. Any learner who completed any SCx course prior to 1 January 2016 is eligible to earn the X-Series in SCM by completing SC1x, SC2x, and SC3x as verified students. We discontinued the X-Series when the MicroMasters was announced in October of 2015. Only students who had earned at least one verified certificate at that time can be grandfathered in.

What universities currently accept the MicroMaster's credential for partial credit?

May I take two courses at the same time?

Course instructors advise strongly against taking two courses at the same time. Graded assignments and exams often overlap. The weekly time to actively learn the concepts is estimated at 8-12 hours per week, though many learners report some weeks taking much more time.

May I repeat a course for a better score?

Yes, you may repeat a course as many times as you wish. In order for a course to count toward the MicroMasters Credential, the passing course must be taken as an I.D. verified learner. Verification fees are not transferrable across courses. 

Comprehensive Final Exam

Where and when will the Comprehensive Final Exams take place?

The first Virtual CFx will be held from Friday 19 May 2017 at 1500 UTC to Monday 22 May 2017 at 1500 UTC. Students selecting Virtual Proctoring must complete this exam within this 72 hour period adhering to the timed exam requirements. Students selecting Physical Proctoring must take the exam only on Saturday 20 May 2017 at one of the six testing locations within the MIT SCALE Network. These locations are:

  • Cambridge, MA, USA (MIT)
  • Zaragoza, Spain (ZLC)
  • Bogota, Colombia (CLI)
  • Shah Alam, Malaysia (MISI)
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg (LCL)
  • Ningbo, China (NSCIIC)

The Comprehensive Final Exam will be offered on a set schedule at least once per year and will be administered at multiple locations globally.

What will the Comprehensive Final Exam be like?

The CFx consists of two, 2-hour, timed and proctored exams. The two exams need to be taken within the same 12 hour period. The CFx covers all content from the five SCx courses and will feature problems similar to the Graded Assignments in the different courses as well as some writing. Details on what materials are allowed during the proctored test will be made available shortly before each exam for registered learners. Only learners who have successfully earned verified certificates for the five SCx courses may take the CFx, and only as a Verified student with the same username used to complete the courses.

How long will courses count toward the MicroMasters

Each course in the SCx series will remain valid to count toward the MicroMasters credential for up to five years. Please note that you must maintain the same username for each of the courses. All courses must be taken as an ID verified learner. All courses must complete before sitting for the comprehensive final exam. We estimate the courses to take one to two years to complete. Please note that your earliest verified course should be no older than five years at the time you sit for the comprehensive final exam.

Blended SCM Program

What are the two paths to earning a SCM graduate degree from MIT?

The SCM program at MIT awards the Master of Engineering in Logistics (M.Eng. Logistics) degree. There are two paths that students can take to earn this degree:

  1. Traditional – requiring 10 months of full-time residence with matriculation in August and graduation in May.
  2. Blended - on-line (completion of the MicroMasters Credential) and requiring just over one semester in-residence (January to May).

Both programs require 78 course credits plus a 12 unit Research Thesis.


When will the first students be admitted to the SCM program via the blended path?

The first blended SCM cohort (SCMb) will come to MIT in the Spring term of 2018 to matriculate in January 2018 and graduate in May 2018.

Will the students admitted through the blended path be part of the SCM program?

Yes. Students admitted to the SCM program through either the traditional or blended paths are part of the same program. Each student in the SCM program will belong to a cohort of 30-40 students during their entire duration in the program.

What will my semester at MIT look like if I come to the SCM program with my SCM MicroMasters Credential?

The blended cohort will have a combination of courses designed and run just for them as well as courses with other MIT students. The full time semester will be exceptionally intense, as students will have to pass 36 units of classwork and also complete a 12 unit research thesis during their in-residence period. Students will matriculate at MIT during the January Independent Activities Period (IAP) to get oriented, meet the other student cohorts, and earn some credit. They will continue through May and present final theses before graduation in June.

What are my chances of being admitted to the Blended SCM Program if I am an average performer in the online classes?

This is a good question that we do not have a great answer for, since this is a new program. But, obviously, doing better in the online courses will increase your chances of gaining admittance to MIT. However, we should stress that simply having high grades will not guarantee admission – we look at all aspects of an applicant to include SCx scores, writing capability, etc.

If I aspire to enroll in the Blended SCM Program, what should be my % target in the SCx courses?

The individual test scores are just one component in the admissions decision to the Blended MicroMasters Program. Our guess is that it will be in the 90% or higher. But, this is only a guess. In addition to the scores, we will look at the whole person - their experience, their potential, their ability to write and speak, etc. So, we recommend that you try to enjoy the five online courses and do your best. We are NOT going to just take the top students with the highest sum of scores!

Along with the five SCx classes and the exam, are there any other requirements in order to be eligible to go on campus?

Yes. You need to be admitted to the program! Earning the MITx MicroMasters Credential does not guarantee admission. It does allow us to look at a more expanded track record for each applicant. Additionally, in the application process you will need to submit some additional material – such as a resume, an essay, and a proposal for your thesis project. I am certain that we will have hundreds of applicants for dozens of spots. We will take the best students we can find for the limited slots that we have available. Space on campus will always be scarce resource so there will always need to be an admissions process. See the Blended Master's program page for more information.

What TOEFL score do I need if I am from a non-English speaking nation?

IELTS or TOEFL Test Results Minimum score required: 7 (IELTS) or 100 (TOEFL) Applicants from non-English-speaking nations must offer evidence of written and oral proficiency in the English language by taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). To request a waiver (directly in the online application), you must meet the following criteria:Received an undergraduate degree (4 years) from a U.S. University or College OR Attended both primary and secondary schools taught in English.

How will having the MicroMasters Credential in Supply Chain Management change the admissions process for the SCM grad program

Having the MicroMasters credential provides the admissions committee with significant insight into a student’s capabilities through the completion of five online courses and the comprehensive final exam. Therefore, applicants with the credential will NOT be required to submit GRE or GMAT scores. This is sometimes referred to as “inverted admissions.” Also, if admitted, students with the MicroMasters credential may opt to complete the SCM program in just over one semester (January to May) in-residence. Applicants opting for the one semester in residence option, however, will need to submit additional material including a resume (for both work and educational background), an essay, and a proposal for their research thesis project.

How Long Will the MicroMasters Be Honored for Application to the Blended Program?

We will honor completed MicroMasters Certificates for up to three years after their issue as valid in an application to the Blended Supply Chain Master's Program.

Does the Blended Masters of SCM qualify me for OPT enrollment?

At this time, due to the limited time spent and credits earned on campus, the Blended Masters does NOT qualify graduates for OPT enrollment.

If I apply to the Blended Program but am not admitted, may I apply in a subsequent year?

Yes, your record in the MicroMasters and score on the comprehensive final exam will be considered valid for 3 years from the time you complete the exam, so you will be able to apply again.  

Will student career services be a part of the Blended Program?

Career services and job placement are not currently offered as part of the Blended Master's program. 

How much will the Blended Master's of SCM cost?

To earn a Blended SCM Masters degree, a candidate must first earn the MicroMasters credential. These five online courses are/will be available for free unless the learner wishes to receive a Verified Certificate (required for the MicroMasters credential), which currently costs US$150 per course. There will also be a cost (estimated at $600) to take the proctored comprehensive final exam for the MITx MicroMasters credential. Therefore, the total cost for the MITx MicroMasters credential will be US$1350.

The tuition fee for the Blended SCM Masters degree has not been set yet, but will likely be somewhat more than 50% of the tuition for the 10-month SCM Masters degree (currently at US$65,446 plus student life fee and medical insurance). Living expenses vary by student. The MIT International Student Office recommends a budget of US$2,690 per month for single students.


Estimated Cost for MicroMasters credential: US$1350-$1550 ($150 x five courses + $600-$800 comprehensive final exam)
Estimated Tuition for the Blended SCM Degree: US$45,000 (***MIT tuition is adjusted annually. By 2017, this amount may be higher)
Estimated Living Expenses: US$13,450 ($2,690/mo. for five months)

Credentials & Certificates

Will I earn a separate certificate for each course or just one for the entire MicroMasters Credential?

You will receive an individual Verified Certificate for each SCx course that you pass as an ID verified student. Students passing the comprehensive final exam, after completing all five SCx courses under the same username and profile, will receive a MicroMasters Credential certificate delivered via

Does completion of the MicroMasters Credential guarantee admission to the MIT Supply Chain Management Masters Graduate program?

How do I earn a Verified Certificate?

To earn a verified certificate for an online course, you need to successfully complete it. The verified certificate costs $150 per SCx course to administer, and requires you to verify your identity using a webcam and a government-issued ID, so employers and schools know that YOU completed the course work.

Which institution issues the verified certificate?

Certificates are issued by edX under the name of MITx and are delivered online through 

Is it sufficient to keep a "pass" grade in the course, or will the bar for achieving the MicroMasters be higher than merely pass

The passing grade for each course is independent of whether it is used for the X-series or the MicroMasters certificates. A pass is a pass. The specific grade is set by the instructor and is usually 60%. When applying to the MIT graduate program, we will use the actual scores in the admissions process – but that is independent of earning the MicroMasters certificate.