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MIT Research Expo 2014- Smart Minds are in Supply Chain Management

By Bob Ferrari

This week, Supply Chain Matters had the opportunity to be invited to MIT’s Global Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence (SCALE) Research Expo 2014 which was held on the MIT campus.  These was the third consecutive year that we have attended this event and remain impressed with the caliber and potential of supply chain focused candidates within MIT’s international student programs. 

Driving the Green: New Study Suggests That Electric-Powered Trucks Will Save Money for Businesses

Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office

A company looking to purchase an electric-powered delivery truck today will likely experience some sticker shock: Such a vehicle costs nearly $150,000, compared to about $50,000 for the same kind of truck with a standard internal-combustion engine.

However, using electric vehicles can markedly lower the costs of a fleet of delivery trucks. That’s the conclusion of a new MIT study showing that electric vehicles are not just environmentally friendly, but also have a potential economic upside for many kinds of businesses.

Senior Executives Visit MIT SCM

The Supply Chain Innovation and Leadership Series (SCILS) for this academic year has recently concluded with a presentation by Bill Sweasy, Chairman and CEO of Red Wing Shoe Company. He talked about why Red Wing has continued to manufacture certain product lines in the United States while producing other product lines in China - creating a supply chain with rapid response and low cost capabilities.

Continuing Education: Making the Right Selection

Every day, logistics professionals learn on the job. The mix of challenges they face managing extended global supply chains ensures that. But, attaining a more formal education — through classroom work, workshops, or study courses — presents a different set of challenges.

The economic downturn has affected program enrollment at universities and logistics/supply chain management professional associations. In difficult times, companies cut travel and education budgets.

2004 SCM Graduate is Named Principal at McKinsey

McKinsey & Company recently announced the election of John C.W. Parsons as a Principal of their worldwide partnership. Mr. Parsons is based in the Toronto office.

Mr. Parsons has an honours BComm from Memorial University and an MEng in logistics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a regular guest speaker for Advanced Supply Chain Management at the Sloan School of Management. Before joining McKinsey, Mr. Parsons managed strategic improvement and business development projects at Bombardier Aerospace, where he was a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Financial Times on Recruitment: Skilled Staff are Harder to Find Than Ever

Working in the supply chain may not seem the obvious career for ambitious young arts graduates from good universities. But employers are wooing them as they search for people with the broad range of talents needed to oversee the entire journey of a product from sourcing to customer delivery in today’s globalised market.


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Coping with Economies of Scope

Or, what happens when the big gorilla grabs all the bananas?

Wal-Mart Stores recently started an initiative to take control of the inbound transportation of products from its vendors to its own distribution centers and, in some cases, direct to its own stores.

As reported by Bloomberg, Kelly Abney, Wal-Mart’s vice president of corporate transportation, indicated Wal-Mart would take over deliveries of inbound freight where they can reduce costs.