Webinar: SCM Class of 2011 - Pre-Orientation Resume Workshop

This workshop is designed to assist you in fine-tuning your resume for the SCM 2011 resume book. We send this book out to our partner companies, other prospective companies recruiting here, as well as post it on our website. Companies start to recruit here as early as September, so we want to make sure you put your best foot forward.

A recording of this webinar is available for current SCM students. Please contact Allison Sturchio,, for more information.

Supply Chain Innovation and Leadership Series (SCILS) -- Robert Blackburn

Dr. Robert Blackburn, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Supply Chain, BASF

Reality Loves Visionaries: Managing Supply Chain Networks

Dr. Robert Blackburn is Senior Vice President & Head of Global Supply Chain Operations of BASF SE and member of the Procurement Steering Team responsible for managing BASF's annual spend globally. Additionally Robert leads BASF Group's worldwide business transformation programme. He is located in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

SCM Research Fest

Every year, graduating masters students present their theses to the Center's corporate Supply Chain Exchange Partners. This one and one-half day event (full day on Tuesday May 24 and half-day on Wednesday May 25) is a chance for Partners to hear the results of new student research, much of which has been done with Exchange Partners.

Alumni Dinner at CSCMP

All alumni from MIT CTL graduate programs, including the partner centers in Zaragoza and Colombia, are invited to dinner during the annual CSCMP conference. If you are in the area (for the conference or if you live nearby), then please join MIT CTL faculty and staff for an evening to relax and reconnect.

For more details, please email Mark Colvin.

Webinar: Earn a Supply Chain Masters AND an MBA

Globalization has driven supply chain management and logistics to the forefront of business strategy - but few managers have this expertise. This informative session will highlight how our supply chain masters program complements your MBA by instilling in you a system-wide and global perspective, analytical problem solving techniques, and change leadership skills necessary to jumpstart your supply chain career.

Webinar: Supply Chain for Entrepreneurs

How are supply chain professionals involved in start-up firms? What sorts of companies employ them? What kinds of decisions do they make?

In this webinar, you will hear from a panel of MIT SCM and ZLOG alumni who are working in start-up firms. They will discuss how they became involved in entrepreneurial activities and how they utilize their supply chain expertise to help the enterprise work.

Webinar: The Supply Chain Education Partners Program Experience

Each year companies work with students from the SCM and ZLOG programs on thesis projects from August to June. Students benefit by being able to work closely with professionals on a challenging supply chain problem that will turn into their thesis. Companies benefit by having a student team bring new insights and approaches to a current supply chain project.

Webinar: Global Careers in Supply Chain

Profit pressures have caused many companies to relocate large parts of their operations to different parts of the globe.  Growth pressures have pushed them to pursue market entry strategies in new countries. The challenges and opportunities of globalization have resulted in longer and more complex supply chains. As the scale and complexity of supply chains has increased, so has the need for skilled professionals who are able to manage worldwide.  Anyone seeking a global career should consider a specialization in supply chain management.