Connecting Morocco’s artisans with the world

Publication Date 
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
MIT News

A crowdsourced digital bazaar will directly bridge the gap between local craftsmen and global consumers.

Although tourism accounts for the second-largest industry within Morocco’s economy, many Moroccan craftsmen who depend on tourism to earn their living still face significant economic hardship, as a growing percentage of international retail transactions are being conducted online.

Having witnessed this struggle firsthand on a trip through the Atlas Mountains, MIT Supply Chain Management graduate student Zyad El Jebbari, a Morocco native, was motivated to find innovative new ways to help his country’s craftsmen leverage the opportunities provided by a globalized economy. Now, with his creation of MoroCrafts, Moroccan artisans will be able to use an online platform to directly market and sell their handcrafted goods to a global customer base.

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