CTL Alumni ReConnect 2011


MIT Campus

The annual MIT CTL Alumni ReConnect welcomes alumni back to campus to network with each other and continue their professional education.

ReConnect 2011 begins with a reception on the evening of June 16 and continues through the early afternoon on June 17. Our guest speaker in the morning is Tim Stratman, founder and president of Stratman Partners Executive Coaching, a consulting firm focused on helping C-Level executives become more effective leaders. The afternoon features an education session on the supply chain carbon footprint and updates on the education and research activities at MIT CTL and in the Global SCALE Network. Finally, as with any ReConnect, alums have ample opportunity to network with each other and with CTL.
Click here for the ReConnect agenda:
Please come a day early to fully participate in Crossroads 2011, CTL's annual conference, on June 16. The theme this year is “Disruptive Innovations that will Shape the Future of Supply Chains,” which will feature technologies and innovations from across the MIT campus that could transform supply chains and change the competitive landscape in future years. For more info, visit http://ctl.mit.edu/events/crossroads.
You can register for both ReConnect and Crossroads 2011 at: