SCM Orientation

The SCM program begins in earnest with a three-week Orientation period, which mixes work with pleasure to accomplish the following goals:

  • Build the cohort and increase familiarity with the MIT/Cambridge/Boston community
  • Strengthen supply chain knowledge, analytical fundamentals and reawaken studying skills
  • Assess strengths and areas for improvement; create a 9 month plan

Some previous students refer to this period as "Boot Camp" due to the intensity of the schedule and the depth of material covered in some of the class sessions. Analytical methods and supply chain content are covered with a mix of traditional classroom lecture, group problem solving and presentation, interactive case discussion and "flight simulator" management games.

Amidst this curriculum are a range of activities to facilitate relationship building. Students learn to know themselves and each other by reflecting individually and in groups in the Know Thyself Leadership Workshop. The reflection and interaction continue during an overnight retreat. Additional panel discussions and social events throughout Orientation facilitate formal and informal interaction with faculty, staff and SCM alumni.

SCM students emerge from Orientation with the knowledge foundation, relationship network and targeted plan to make the most of their nine months in the program. 


Read some reflections on Orientation and the beginning of the program from previous students in the SCM Blog.