Supply Chain Innovation and Leadership Series (SCILS) -- Robert Blackburn


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Dr. Robert Blackburn, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Supply Chain, BASF

Reality Loves Visionaries: Managing Supply Chain Networks

Dr. Robert Blackburn is Senior Vice President & Head of Global Supply Chain Operations of BASF SE and member of the Procurement Steering Team responsible for managing BASF's annual spend globally. Additionally Robert leads BASF Group's worldwide business transformation programme. He is located in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Prior to his current role, Robert served as Senior Vice President & Head of Corporate Portfolio Development for Siemens AG where he was a member of the company's 'Worldwide Leadership Team'. He successfully performed and completed his contract serving on the CEO's direct reporting team responsible for reshaping Siemens' broad portfolio of businesses into the portfolio Siemens retains today.

Robert was previously Vice President at IBM where he led multiple product, service and software P&L businesses on a global basis. Among several other roles and responsibilities, he was a leader of IBM's transformation program team, taught a wide range of leadership courses at the IBM Academy, served as an executive on its Global Supply Chain and Information Technology Councils and was an active leader in several Board level human resource initiatives, including 'Executive Leadership Development for Globalisation' and 'Women and Diversity in Leadership' initiatives.

Robert is multilingual and retains several certifications. Robert has completed assignments in China, Germany and the USA at the senior executive level. In addition, Robert has served on the Boards of Capgemini and BE Global in Great Britain.

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