Webinar: SCM and ZLOG Thesis Projects

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Each year SCM students are paired with sponsoring companies to work on innovative and challenging supply chain research projects through the Supply Chain Education Partners (SCEP) program.

Today, we will talk about three theses that are in progress now by our SCM & ZLOG students:

Title: Sales Forecasting & Replenishment for a Medium-sized Toy Retailer
Authors: Neil Smith from US and Carolina Ruiz from Spain
This is also a Zaragoza Academic Partners project
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Title: Incorporating Traffic Patterns to Improve On-Time Delivery
Author: Melody Dickinson & Jillian Leifer
Sponsor: Pepsi Bottling Group
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Title: The Impact of Lane Definition on Truckload Rates
Author: Julia Collins & Ryan Quinlan
Sponsor: C.H. Robinson
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