The Supply Chain Management Residential (SCMr) Program

The Supply Chain Management Residential (SCMr) program is designed for early-career supply chain professionals who want to return to school to receive advanced, specialized training in supply chain management. Students with 3 to 8 years of work experience are in the best position to gain from the SCMr program and also contribute the most to class discussions. Candidates should also have strong quantitative skills, including some college-level calculus, linear algebra, and probability/statistics.

The SCMr program requires 90 units of coursework over 10 months of full-time residence with matriculation in August and graduation in June.

All SCM students will have two choices of degree. 

  • Master of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management (MASc-SCM) is designed for students who want to take a job in industry or consulting upon graduation. 
  • Master of Engineering in Supply Chain Management (MEng-SCM) is more research-focused and is designed for students who wish to continue on in research or pursue a PhD.