The blended master's program refers to a new option that is being developed by MIT that would allow learners to combine the MITx MicroMasters credential with one+ semester at MIT.  The MicroMasters credential requires a learner to successfully pass five rigorous online courses in supply chain management and also pass a proctored comprehensive final exam. Learners with the MITx MicroMasters credential in SCM can then apply to MIT to the blended SCM master’s program. This new program would require the successful applicant to come to MIT for January through May to take courses on campus for graduation at the beginning of June. Bearers of the MicroMasters credential would be credited for 42 academic units (90 units are required for graduation with a master’s degree, leaving 48-57 units for on-campus).

All SCM students (including SCMb) will have two choices of degree. 

  • Master of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management (MASc-SCM) is designed for students who want to take a job in industry or consulting upon graduation. 
  • Master of Engineering in Supply Chain Management (MEng-SCM) is more research-focused and is designed for students who wish to continue on in research or pursue a PhD.