Both the Master of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management degree (MASc-SCM) and the Master of Engineering in Supply Chain Management degree (MEng-SCM) require 90 units.  The curriculum for each is the same except the MASc-SCM requires a 9-unit Capstone Project while the MEng-SCM requires a 12-unit Thesis Project.  For each degree the remaining units are made up of required core subjects and electives.

Degree Requirements:

  • Credit earned from MicroMasters credential (42 units)
  • Required core subjects (24 units)
  • 6 units of SCM electives
  • 6 units of Analysis electives
  • 3 units of additional electives (for MASc-SCM degree students only)
  • Capstone Report presentation, and executive summary (SCM.800, 9 units for MASc-SCM) or Master’s Thesis, presentation, and executive summary (SCM.THG, 12 units for MEng-SCM)
  • Additional electives as needed to achieve at least 90 units total

Descriptions of all MIT subjects can be found at:

SCMb Curriculum


Subjects (12 units for credit maximum)  
Subject Number Title Units
SCM.262 Leading Global Teams (Required) 6
SCM.259 Business Writing for Supply Chain Management (Required) 3
IAP Courses (Choose one of these for credit)  
     SCM.252 Supply Chain Software 3
     SCM.272 Supply Chain Management Workshop Special Topics 3


Required Subjects  
Subject Number Title Units

Case Studies in Supple Chain Financial Analysis



Advanced Writing Workshop for SCM

SCM.270 Current Challenges in Supply Chain Management 6
Research Project (choose one of the following)  
SCM.800 Capstone Project 9
SCM.THG Graduate Thesis 12

Required Elective Choices

MASc - at least 15 units from Required Electives (SCM, Analytical, Management)

  • SCM Electives at least 6 units 
  • Analysis Electives at least 6 units 

MEng - at least 12 units from Required Electives  (SCM, Analytical)

  • SCM electives at least 6 units 
  • Analytical electives at least 6 units    
Subject Number Title Units
SCM  Electives  
SCM.261 Case Studies in Supply Chain Management 9
SCM.266 Freight Transportation 6
SCM.267 Applications of Global SC Mgt (not offered 2018) 3
SCM.283 Humanitarian Logistics     6
SCM.284 Humanitarian Logistics Project 3
SCM.290 Sustainable Supply Chain Management 6
Analysis Electives  
15.764 The Theory of Operations Management 12
15.871 Introduction to System Dynamics 6
15.872 System Dynamics II 6
IDS.145 Data Mining: Finding the Data and Models that Create Value 6
IDS.147 Statistical Learning and Data Mining 
(not offered 2018)
IDS.330   Real Options for Product & System Design 6
IDS.338 Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization
(not offered 2018) 
Management Electives  
15.762 Supply Chain Planning 6
15.763 Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chain Design 6
15.768 Management of Services: Concepts, Design, and Delivery 9
15.769 Operations Strategy 9