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Posted by Sunil Anand
October 22, 2010

Seven Year Itch

Having joined the MIT SCM program after little over seven years of  a)pressing the buttons on a variety of keyboards, b)moving mp3 files amongst a variety of machines, and c)insane amount of caffeine, I can safely call this program as satisfying my seven year itch (all pun intended).

Flashback: Growing up, during high school and engineering undergrad, I was a voracious reader, going through 200 odd pages of cheap pulp fiction at the rate of one book per day. Reading gave me that safe corner to slink back into, whenever the world got complicated beyond my capacity for thinking about sleeping, eating, and yea thats it. Then one day, out of the blue, I got suckered into getting a job for the "man" and my reading capacity dropped to just skimming the traffic directions on the road to and from office. I vowed (more like fantasized) to get back to my younger self, don't we all?  

Seven years later... the SCM program at MIT seemed like the exact right choice. It was only 9 months, so the "man" will not object seriously if I take time off from my 40-hr weeks for what I assumed will be 20hrs of gentle academia. Its at MIT, I know the "man" respects MIT. I could hopefully get back to my passion for reading in the recesses of MIT's many libraries. The quantitative nature of the SCM program meant a lot of x=y times greek letter 1 divided by another greek letter 2 and square-root the whole thing with some log functions. Its right up my alley. I know how to write, speak and identify "epsilon", see!! That's one greek letter more than most engineers can use in their lifetime. Also, did I mention MIT!!

Plus how much work can they make me go through, to complete the graduation requirements? All my friends with advanced degrees assured me that this will be a cake walk, what with my technical acumen as an engineer, IT work experience and the gentle nature of advanced degrees @MIT. I could surely find time for rekindle my relationships with a variety of books, bought but never read.

Today If there is one thing I have learned at MIT, it is this; Never trust a friend with an advanced degree.

Apparently, most of my assumptions were shallow like the cold recyclable-cup of caffeine laced coffee, I was holding during homework sessions. These homework session were each 6-8 hrs long per subject in what is easily a 60hrs week. Most of my classmates have 5-7 subjects this semester. Visions of me sitting on the stairs of some old 1861 est. building at MIT holding a non-required reading book quickly evaporated. I would be lucky If I made it through the first 50 grams(approx 20 pages) of a required-reading-10kg-hard-cover-book.

Summary: At age 30, most people get a sports car as a pick-me-up, I got a MIT degree. Right now the sports car looks attractive. I guess I will know better once I am on the other side of the MIT graduation finish line, hopefully on my way to a sports car dealership.


Update: 2/15, The wife says "No going to any car dealership, not even online".