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SCM offers many ways to hire its outstanding students. While the traditional method of conducting an on-campus presentation and interviews is an effective form of recruitment, it is not the only way of targeting our cohort. We can work with your company individually and customize a recruitment plan to fit your needs. See our Employment Report (pdf) to learn about our student demographic and who recruits with us.

For more information, please contact Len Morrison, lmorriso@mit.edu

Resume Book

Available to SCM partners.


Recruiting Options

Resume Drop: Hiring firm provides a job description and interested students submit their resumes.

On-Campus Info Session/Interviews: Hiring firm provides lunch/evening presentation to students. Private interviews in breakout rooms follow in the afternoon or the next morning.

Social Mixers/Receptions: Network with students in a low-key environment at a local venue.

Skype Interviews: Can be arranged with students from SCALE programs and conducted in the SCM Skype interview room.

Recruiting Calendar

August and early September: Presentations by partner companies sponsoring MIT SCM master thesis projects.

September to Mid-December: Recruiting of MIT SCM and SCALE students open for all companies by appointment.

January: SCALE students from Spain, Malaysia, and Latin America arrive at MIT. Open recruiting by appointment available for MIT SCM and SCALE students.

February: Recruiting of MIT SCM and SCALE students open to all companies by appointment.

Get Involved
Companies who join the Supply Chain Exchange program at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics are eligible to sponsor SCM master thesis projects. This increased exposure to the students can improve your recruiting effectiveness.

Contact Katie Date, datecl@mit.edu or +1 617-253-5239, for more information.

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