The MIT Supply Chain Excellence Award fellowships are given annually at select partner universities to the most outstanding graduating senior supply chain and/or industrial engineering majors.

The awards entitle winners to a tuition fellowship of $25,000 towards the MIT Supply Chain Management (SCM) Master’s Degree Program. Honorable Mentions (if awarded) receive a $10,000 tuition fellowship. Awards may also be used toward tuition at global MIT-SCALE centers offering a master's degree program – see sidebar for details.

Scholarship Application 2019-2020 

Submit your resumé, transcript, short essay, and headshot using our online form.

Deadline: March 1, 2020

The final selection will be made jointly by the faculty of the partner university and MIT. Announcement of the winner and presentation of the award is made at the partner university’s senior recognition dinner or equivalent departmental award ceremony shortly prior to graduation.

Application Process/Timeline:

  • November: The online Supply Chain Excellence Awards application and submission requirements are posted on the MIT SCM site, and qualified students at Supply Chain Excellence Award program partner universities are encouraged to apply by their faculty/department chairs.
  • March: Deadline for submission of Supply Chain Excellence Awards applications.  Selection of the winner(s) is made jointly by the MIT SCM department and faculty at each partner university. 
  • Late Spring: Announcement of winner(s) and presentation of the award(s) is made at each partner university’s senior recognition dinner or equivalent departmental award ceremony shortly prior to graduation.

Supply Chain Excellence awards may be applied toward SCM master's program tuition at MIT, or master's program tuition at our MIT SCALE centers around the world.

Award Winner:

$25,000 fellowship toward MIT SCM master's program
OR full-tuition fellowship to an MIT SCALE master's program at centers in China, Luxembourg, Malaysia, or Spain

Honorable Mention:

$10,000 fellowship toward MIT SCM master's program
OR 75% tuition discount on MIT SCALE master's program at centers in China, Luxembourg, Malaysia, or Spain

To use their fellowships, winning students are required to apply and be accepted into the MIT SCM program. The SCM program requires that applicants have 2-5 years of professional work experience prior to entering the program; Supply Chain Excellence Award winners (and other talented students) have the option to apply for admission at any time after completing their bachelor's degree, and to defer enrollment until they've gained the work experience necessary to enter the program. Fellowship award offers expire after 5 years.
At partner schools in the US, this award is limited to US citizens and permanent residents. At Monterrey Tech (ITESM, Mexico) it is limited to students of ITESM.

MIT Supply Chain Excellence Partner Universities

US Institutions:
  • Arizona State University
  • Howard University 
  • Lehigh University
  • Michigan State University
  • Penn State University
  • Purdue University
  • Syracuse University
  • Texas A&M University
Monterrey Tech (Mexico):
  • Center-West Campuses
  • Mexico City Campus
  • North Campuses
  • South Campuses

Supply Chain Excellence Awardees



Maria Fernanda Arana Stoopen, Monterrey Tech
Sayda Elka Benitez Villarreal, Monterrey Tech
Ana Eislyn Cabrera Garcia, Monterrey Tech
Keith Calvaruso, Lehigh
Hannah Carleton, Michigan State
Lucy Dimond, Purdue
Meghan Dorsey, Syracuse
Troy Egar, Lehigh
Taylor Harris, Arizona State
Nicolas Holwerda, Michigan State
Sarah Jonckheere, Michigan State
Maria Lucchi ,Penn State
William Mattinson, Texas A & M
Nora Liliana Medina Herrera, Monterrey Tech
Rachel Melvin, Syracuse
Andrew Peterson, Arizona State
Katherine Shreero, Lehigh
Maria Tartaglia, Penn State
Ria Verma, Arizona State
Benjamin Vruwink, Penn State


Dustin Cary, Iowa State 
Rachael Clark, Arizona State
Eduardo Cortes Mendez, Monterrey Tech
Elise Fredericks, Lehigh 
Logan Herr, Lehigh 
Laura Holleran, Penn State
Crystal Loza, Arizona State
Gilberto Mendoza, Arizona State
Robert Moore, Purdue
Marcela Nunez, Monterrey Tech
Pilar Pardo, Monterrey Tech
Nick Perkins, Purdue
Taylor Peterson, Penn State
Todd Phillips, Syracuse
Paloma Santos, Monterrey Tech
Casey Walker, Univ. of Illinois
Taryn Wenske, Texas A & M


Tala Alnajdawi, Arizona State 
Karen Burlingame, Penn State
Alexandra Calderaro, Penn State
Christian Gatmaitan, Purdue
Gina Gerhart, Texas A&M
Lauren Konopinski, Univ. of Illinois
Tiffany Lam, Arizona State 
Amy Laresch, Lehigh
Jennie Waterfall May, Syracuse 
Tony Orr, Purdue
Olivia Reicks, Iowa State
Michelle Roy, Texas A&M


Katherine Arnold, Univ. of Illinois
Brett Elgersma, Iowa State
Sherry Gao, Univ. of Wisconsin
Danielle Heymann, Lehigh
Erika Mionis, Arizona State
Jennifer Reagin, Purdue
Emily Waschenko, Penn State 
Aaron Wickes, Texas A&M


Victoria Drici, Lehigh
Elisa Fankhauser, Arizona State
Andrew Kerr, Univ. of Illinois
Jordan Leising, Purdue
Eric Nimphius, Univ. of Wisconsin
Karoline Rueckerl, Penn State
Scott Sladecek, Texas A&M
Jamie Sweeney, Penn State
Eugene Zinchenko, Iowa State


Markea Dickinson, Penn State
Cody Haupt, Lehigh
Ming Liu, Texas A&M
Allie McIlvaine, Penn State
Jessica Stahly, Purdue
Yonathan Vivas, Arizona State


Amber Marciano, Lehigh
Courtney Quisenberry, Penn State

Honorable Mentions


Yaryna Borsuk, Syracuse 
Noreen Byrne, Lehigh
Jeremy Cronin, Syracuse 
Jinxin Dam, Michigan State
Maria Fernanda Esparza Colin, Monterrey Tech
Samim Fahim, Arizona State
Gilberto Garcia Villarreal, Monterrey Tech
Kylie Ginsberg, Lehigh
Joley Hamilton, Arizona State
Shane Huisman, Michigan State
Joseph Lynch, Michigan State
Lilly MacLean, Arizona State
Kara Nardi, Penn State
Jaime Enrique Oyanguren Granados, Monterrey Tech
Agustin Perez Hermosillo, Monterrey Tech
Kaitlyn Rakestraw, Penn State
Selene Rodriguez Saltijeral, Monterrey Tech
Anthony Saunders, Texas A & M
Meghan Tomassetti, Syracuse 
Bertha Leticia Trevino Elizondo, Monterrey Tech
Noel Von Mizener, Arizona State
Dylan Yarbrough, Arizona State


Samantha Collins, Syracuse
Morgan DeHaan, Univ. of Illinois
Natalie Geraci, Purdue
Daniel Granados, Monterrey Tech
Rachel Grimuriman, Penn State
Noah Hemzacek, Arizona State
Nolan Hickey, Iowa State 
Ruth Hicks, Arizona State
Kelsey Kusman, Texas A & M
Zoe Levin, Univ. of Illinois
Omar Loyo, Monterrey Tech
Connor Lyons, Texas A & M
Jose Macias, Monterrey Tech
Luz Marihel, Monterrey Tech
Rafael Molina, Syracuse
Elizabeth Quinn, Purdue
Amanda Rizzotti, Penn State
Payne Ruhlman, Arizona State
Mikhail Suvorov, Iowa State 
Lillian Swei, Penn State
Enrique Tapia, Monterrey Tech
Valentina Ulyanova, Arizona State
Efrain Velasco, Monterrey Tech


Annie Archibald, Syracuse 
Nicholas Artman, Penn State
Thomas Cirillo, Purdue
Lauren Fellin, Penn State
Edward Klitenick, Syracuse 
Timothy Loe, Iowa State
Jason Maen, Iowa State
Sean Miller, Texas A&M
Sarah Miller, Penn State
Stephan Peng, Univ. of Illinois
Anna Raffin, Purdue
Justin Read, Arizona State 
Lauren Rourk, Purdue
Jorge Siman, Purdue
Rachel Throckmorton, Purdue
Hui Hui “Vivian” Wang, Syracuse 


Thomas Bieze, Iowa State
Nathan Dixon, Iowa State
Lauren Eckert, Penn State 
Olivia Goldman, Arizona State
Jon Harrell, Purdue
Darby Hogan, Penn State 
Austin Holtzclaw, Univ. of Illinois
Royce Kok, Lehigh
Corey Meador, Texas A&M
Stephen Murray, Purdue
Rebecca Nolan, Univ. of Illinois
Katherine Nowadly, Penn State
Trevor Thompson, Arizona State
Aaron Zacharia, Lehigh


Leah Davis, Penn State
Christina Ferguson, Texas A&M
Catherine Hu, Texas A&M
Jessica Lin, Arizona State
Angela Rodriguez, Lehigh
Jesse Swank, Penn State
David Yen, Purdue


Samantha Jarmul, Penn State
Lindsey Joyce, Penn State
Christos Rallis, Lehigh