Comprehensive Final Exam (CFx) FAQs

What is the CFx?

The CFx is the Comprehensive Final Exam for the MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management. In order to qualify for the CFx you must have completed all five courses prior to being invited. Test takers will be invited by course staff. If you feel you are qualified, but have not recieved any communication about the CFx, please use the email at the bottom of this page to let us know. The CFx consists of two 120-minute exams, Exam I and Exam II. It is broken into two exams for proctoring logistics and test taker comfort. Once a learner begins Exam I, they must complete both exams within 12 hours. Virtual test takers will use the Software Secure proctoring software to be virtually proctored.  

The CFx will also be offered in-person when possible. All students taking the exam in person will travel to their confirmed test site at an MIT SCALE Center to take the test on the scheduled day. A physical proctor will oversee their exam, though they will take the exam on their own computers. Additional details on site logistics will be sent to eligible course learners through each exam course update.

When and where will the exams take place?

Please view the MITx MircroMasters in Supply Chain Management exam FAQ for updated information on the CFx schedule.

How long will courses count towards the MicroMasters?

Each course in the SCx series will remain valid to count toward the MicroMasters credential for up to five years. Please note that you must maintain the same username for each of the courses. All courses must be taken as an ID verified learner. All courses must complete before sitting for the comprehensive final exam. We estimate the courses to take one to two years to complete. Please note that your earliest verified course should be no older than five years at the time you sit for the comprehensive final exam.

What is a proctored exam and what does a proctor do?

A proctored exam is a supervised exam taken online or in person. A proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process. A proctor is a liaison between edX and its students to ensure that testing is done under fair and secure conditions. The proctor’s main responsibilities include verifying a government-issued photo ID, monitoring students during the exam to ensure students do not use unauthorized aides, and ensuring students follow the instructions outlined by the instructor.

What will students need for the exam?

- A government-issued photo ID that clearly identifies them by their full name, and that can be used to confirm their identity

- A computer that meets all system requirements to use the edX platform

- For in person, students will need to bring their own laptop with wireless capability

- Key Concepts Document of all five courses will be provided through the platform (no additional notes allowed)

- Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc (no additional software will be required or allowed for the CFx)

- Calculator on your computer

- One sheet of blank paper and pen or pencil

- No other items will be allowed - no exceptions!

What are some issues with compatibility with the virtual proctoring to be aware of?

-Computers used virtual proctoring must comply with these systems requirements.

-For virtual test takers, Windows XP and Microsoft Surface laptops do not work with the virtual proctoring software. Please find an alternative to use for the CFx

-Students will not need software other than excel and LibreOffice

**There will be an additional opportunity for virtual test-takers to practice using the proctoring exam software in advance of the exam.

How do I prepare for the exam?

To prepare for the exam, you can review past courses through Quick Questions, Practice Problems, and Graded Assignments. You can use the five-course Key Concepts document in the course handouts section now and during the exam. During the exam, you will need to access this through the course link only.  All CFx test questions will be 'backward compatible' to the first run of any course. Meaning, for example, if you took SC1x in 2014, warehousing and continuous approximation among other concepts were added to later versions, and will not be in the Final. Part I of the exam will be mostly Quantitative and Part II be more Qualitative.

What will the exam look like? What kind of questions will there be?

The exam is designed to test your broad learnings across the five courses. The questions will be designed according to the limitations presented in the exam: limited time, no additional software, and limited accessibility. The main purpose is to test your understanding of the key learnings from all five courses.

Questions will be a mix of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short answer. 

Why does it cost $200?

-This fee will cover the administrative cost associated with preparing and testing the exam as well as issue the MITx MicroMasters Credential.

-The fee will be standard to all test takers whether in person or virtually.

-Verification fees for the final exam are not refundable or transferable after the edX refund window has closed.

 Why do we need a final exam if we passed all the courses?

-To assess your ability to synthesize and apply the learning from all five SCx courses. 

-To evaluate your knowledge of the five courses, which is equivalent to one semester of work on campus! Credential earners who excel in the five online courses may then apply for competitive admission to the SCMb Master’s Degree program. Admitted students receive MIT course credit for their five online courses.

What is the passing score?

60% as with other courses. You will be informed following the exam of your preliminary score, but that will be subject to change based on post-review.

Will I receive a certificate for the CFx?

Yes! It will be similar to the certificates issued for courses. After completion of all five courses and the CFx, you will be issued a MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management Credential.

What is the Honesty Policy?

Please remember that all academic honesty and honor codes will be adamantly observed by both staff and test takers alike. There will be a no exceptions policy to all students found cheating in the exam. We are all uniquely invested in ensuring the highest quality for this exam. We thank you in advance for your enthusiasm, drive, honesty, and integrity!

For all concerns in regards to the CFx – we have set up a special email, please contact: