2019-20 Expense Estimate – SCM Residential Program

Expenses Total Fall+Spring
  Tuition $74,968
  Student Life Fee $340
  Extended Health Insurance $3,269
  Estimated Living Expenses $26,414
Official Total Estimated Expenses $104,992
Additional Expenses  
  Partial August Health Insurance $377
  Books and Supplies $820

Additional dependent expenses
(will vary by student)

All rates subject to change

$5,000 - $17,282+

MIT releases updated tuition and fees in the spring/summer preceding the start of the academic year. The official expense estimate for the 2020-21 academic year will be published in June 2020.

Pro-Tip: Do ALL the Math!

An MIT master's in SCM costs considerably less than a traditional 2-year MBA from an elite university, with very comparable career and salary outcomes for many students. And you're back to work – and regular paychecks – after just 10 months on campus (5 months in the Blended cohort!).

We also offer significant fellowship funding to help students pay for their master's degrees; 75% of the class of 2020 received SCM fellowships, with a total of $594k awarded. On top that, students received another $500k+ in MIT-wide fellowship awards.

2019-20 Expense Estimate – SCM Blended Program

The total estimated cost for the SCMb program is $61,732. This is the amount international students must show on their Proof of Funding. Tuition includes costs for all required classes and electives. There is no additional cost for taking electives beyond the requirements, subject to advisor approval.

Living expenses vary, depending on preferences and whether students live alone, with roommates, or have a family. Currently, a budget of $2,850 per month is recommended for single students on campus – $14,675 for the five month duration of the program.

Expenses Total
   Tuition $44,980
   Student life fee $170
   Extended health insurance $1,907
   Estimated living expenses (5 Months) $14,675
   Official total estimated expenses $61,732
Additional Expenses  
   Partial January health insurance $377
   Books and Supplies $820

 Additional dependent expenses
(will vary by student)

All rates subject to change

$2,500 - $8,641+
Full Disclosure: MicroMasters Cost

To earn a Blended SCM masters degree, a candidate must first earn the MicroMasters credential, which costs $1200 ($200 to become Verified in each of the five online courses, plus $200 to take the required comprehensive final exam).

Therefore, the total cost of the Blended master's program includes US$1200 not reflected in the tuition table shown here.