Our customized career development training and support services help prepare our master's students for career success, and our intensive recruiting program assists students in securing high quality positions with top companies around the world.


In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, efficient and resilient supply chains are more vital than ever to business of all kinds. And this is reflected in high demand for top supply chain talent.

Our 10-month residential cohort students who go on to jobs in the US after graduation enjoy salary outcomes very comparable to those of top MBA program graduates – after less than half the time out of the workforce, and at half the tuition expense. 

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Career Outcomes for International Students

International students receive the same career development training and participate in the same recruiting activities as SCM students from the US.  The main distinguishing factor in employment and salary outcomes is US work authorization.

Students who are not permitted to work in the US and not eligible for OPT/STEM extension will focus their efforts on securing promotions/salary increases with their current employers, or high quality positions with other companies in their home countries or other countries where they're authorized to work.

    Residential vs. Blended – Employment Considerations

    • International students in the SCMr program qualify for up to 36 months of US work authorization with Optional Practical Training (OPT) and STEM extension.
    • SCMb students are only on campus for one semester, and therefore are not eligible for OPT/STEM. Without this extension, it is extremely difficult to secure employment with a US company.