The following classes are or have been offered to SCM residential and blended program students on a limited-time basis as detailed below...

SCM.S90 Machine Learning Applications for Supply Chain

Offered: Spring 2021 | H4 (Starts Apr 5)

Mon/Wed 4pm-5:30pm
6 units | Regular Grade| Virtual
Instructor: Natalia Summerville

Building upon 6.482, students will design and develop applications targeted to solve key problems in Supply Chain (SC) using state-of-art Machine Learning (ML) methods and algorithms. Special emphasis will be given to the selection of the appropriate ML methods for the SC problems addressed, as well as requirements for code productionalization and code efficiency, both key in real industry applications.


SCM.S94 COVID-19 and the Effect in the Supply Chain

Offered: Spring 2021 | H4 (Starts Apr 5)

Mondays 12:30pm-2pm
3 units [1-0-2] | P/D/F Grade | Virtual + In-person components
Instructor: Josue Velazquez

Explores the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on global supply chains and businesses worldwide, in both developed and developing countries. Examines the impact of changing consumer needs, increase in e-commerce home delivery operations, and rise of new competition in the market. Covers topics in supply chain resilience, the effect on freight transportation, the role of digitalization, and the impact on large firms, as well as small businesses in emerging regions. Class sessions combine presentations, industry guest speakers, and case discussions.


SCM.S95 Supply Chain Management Interactive Tournament (SCMIT)

Offered: Spring 2021 | Friday, March 19—Tuesday, March 23 
1 unit | P/D/F Grade | Virtual

Students work in teams to collaboratively and creatively address a relevant supply chain challenge, submitted by a sponsoring company.