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Goodness of Fit

Getting through the semester can feel like a marathon, but MIT and the Boston area have many resources to help you train your body and mind.
Written by Dana DeSutter

Getting through the semester can feel like a marathon, but MIT and the Boston area have many resources to help you train your body and mind.

MIT Recreation
Even during the pandemic, MIT has opened some of its fitness facilities, taking necessary precautions to keep students safe. A few options I recommend trying are:

  • The Alumni Center – this is a smaller facility, but very close to building E40 where many SCM classes are held. It has free weights and weight machines, cardio equipment, studios, and a pool. This is my favorite facility – I enjoy the less-used space, and the music they play is always fantastic!
  • Zesiger Center – this is MIT’s main recreation facility. It has everything the Alumni Center has and more! There are squash courts, multipurpose activity courts and an indoor golf range. For those in student housing, this facility is very convenient!
  • Steinbrenner Stadium – MIT’s 400 M all-weather track is a dream come true for runners! There are certain hours that it is open for students, and is right next to the Zesiger Center, making it convenient for those in student housing too!
MIT Running Track

MIT Physical Education
If you miss high school pickleball days, this is for you! MIT offers a wide variety of PE Classes, including pickleball, archery, golf and sailing. Many of these classes are offered for beginners, so students can take something they never thought they would try.

Fun with Classmates
Our class has not one, but two yoga teachers! We’ve had the opportunity to participate in socially distanced yoga, using space in Killian Court. Not only has yoga been a great way to keep the mind in check, but it’s been a great way to get to know classmates!

Classmates have also kayaked on the Charles River, gone rock climbing, and played pick-up sports at the Z-Center! I hope in the spring semester there will be a trophy winning SCM volleyball team too!

Yoga at Killian Court

Boston Running
My personal favorite way to keep my mind and body sound is through running. Boston and Cambridge have a number of running paths, and while the formal running community is on-hold during the pandemic, the running culture is still thriving. From Cambridge there are so many easily accessible running routes:

  • Charles River Esplanade – this offers 17 miles worth of running along the river. It follows along the Boston and Cambridge side, and is my favorite place to run in the city.
Charles River Esplanade
  • The Emerald Necklace – This is a series of parks, and it offers an extremely peaceful run. This route is a bit further from Cambridge, but offers a tourist vibe, passing Fenway on the way. When I’m there, I often forget I’m in the middle of a city. One can log at least 5 miles in the park alone, so it’s great for a weekend long-run.
  • Boston Harborwalk – This route is also a bit of a jog from Cambridge, but I recommend finding it and taking it into Seaport. The view of the city from here is by far my favorite!
Boston Harbour

These are some of my favorite ways to keep fit while in school, but I’d love to hear from former or current students! What are some of your favorite ways to keep fit while in Cambridge?

All photos captured by the author.