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Sports and Fitness at MIT

What do you want to do if you feel exhausted after a hectic day? Do you want to do something to kill your stress? Our suggestion is to seek a sport that interests you at MIT.
Written by Yangfei L. & Phu L.H.

What do you want to do if you feel exhausted after a hectic day? Do you want to do something to kill your stress? Our suggestion is to seek a sport that interests you at MIT.

We are here to share with you some interesting activities!

Volleyball: This sport is not as commonly played in America as in other countries, but if you have a strong passion for it, we have good news! There is a club at MIT where you can be trained by coaches in all the basic techniques, ranging from reception to serving skills. If you want to become an outside spiker, you will find that there are many opportunities for you to improve your jump height or attack skills. One thing to remember is to keep a regular schedule to practice with your team to ensure the best cohesion!


Picture: Volleyball Court at Z-Center

Soccer: There are plenty of fields at MIT. If you just want to play soccer for fun, you can simply join a pick-up game.  If you want to play in a more formal way, you can team up with others to join a league. Based on the size of the team, there are two types of league: 11 v 11 and 7 v 7. Each type of league is divided into A, B and C categories based on skill level. Level A is for more competitive players, B is the intermediate level and C is for those who just want to have fun. In addition, the teams are co-ed.  Both men and women are welcome to join!

Phu3Picture: SCMr 2019 Soccer Team

Fitness:  If you like to work out, there are also several options. You can do so in your dormitory. Most of the dormitories have fitness rooms. However, we would say that the best place is the Z-center, where you can find almost every type of equipment you want. What’s more, the space is large, 125,000 square feet in total. You do not usually need to wait for the equipment you want to use.

You can also swim, run, or play basketball at the Z-center. It is such a great place! Do not overlook it!


Picture: Gymnasium at Z-Center

Badminton: This is a super fun activity since both pairs will try to gain and maintain the attack, smashing downwards when the opportunity arises. There are approximately 6 members in our group, and we find that playing this sport is an effective way to relieve stress and tighten your friendships at MIT. However, the courts at the Z-center are often crowded on the weekend, so we must have a good “strategy” to reserve a court for our group!


Picture: SCMrs at Badminton Court at Z-Center

Running: Running along the Charles River is an appealing activity to help you “recharge your batteries” for a new day! It is good for both your physical health and mental health. When we are struggling with some problems, it is frequently our choice to run along this wonderful river. You will feel relieved after enjoying the spectacular views. And, for those who like endurance running, you could consider participating in one of the annual running events in Boston, for example The Boston Marathon. The Charles River is a perfect place to practice!Phu6

Picture: Running and Biking Trail along Charles River

All in all, physical activities can add to your wonderful experiences at MIT and help you build long-lasting relationships with others from different departments who have similar interests!  Physical activities will change you for the better.  Make exercise a regular part of your life at MIT!