Children on campus – stories heard, lessons learned (SCM Student Voices)

Every decision is the right one as long as it works for the family.

This story was intended to share perspectives on bringing families with children to Cambridge from abroad while studying at MIT. These are our stories as ten-month and five-month on-campus Master’s candidates. While writing it together, we had some enlightening arguments. We talked about the roles of men and women in families, the difference between moms and dads in children’s eyes, gender equality, and the social perceptions of it. I personally believe that everyone deserves to pursue his or her dreams and ambitions regardless of gender or family status. Moreover, I believe that there is no such thing as a right or wrong decision when talking about families and children. Every decision is the right one as long as it works for the family.

Having two toddlers never stopped me from pursuing my professional and academic dreams. Completing the MicroMasters, applying to the MIT SCM Blended program, and being accepted all happened in parallel with my two children being born and raised. The question was – how to complete my education during the on-campus semester while maintaining my family. We considered all the options. I go alone, my husband stays with the children. I go with the children my husband comes to visit us every other weekend. We all go together….

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