Press Release

Getting the word out: CTL research on last-mile delivery and aging featured in media

MIT CTL researchers have been making headlines in recent weeks. A range of topics encompassing last-mile delivery, sustainable logistics, the future of aging, and financial literacy, has generated a flurry of media activity including radio, TV, and podcasts.

What’s the real cost of free one-day shipping?

Just in time for Amazon Prime Day, the environmental cost of one- and two-day shipping, and how consumers have been responding to that impact, is getting some attention. This issue, the subject of an ongoing project from the Sustainable Logistics Initiative, “‘Green Button Project’ Consumer Preference for Green Last Mile Home Delivery”, has been featured on CNN Business; in Spokane, Wash.; and KCBS radio in San Francisco.

Josué Velázquez Martínez was interviewed on KCBS to discuss this research. Listen here.

“Hiding in plain sight” – the longevity economy 

Adults ages 50 and up make up a full 70 percent of buying power in the United States. And globally, the buying power of adults ages 60 and older is so large that it trails only the U.S. gross domestic product and that of China. More wealthy and more educated than any generation before it, the boomers represent a “new emerging market of expectations.” AgeLab founder and director Joseph Coughlin recently appeared on the Institutional Real Estate, Inc. podcast to talk about the longevity economy and how the baby boomer generation is redefining aging. Listen here.

Millennials and money: the financial literacy gap

The BBC World Service’s Business Daily program is looking at a financial literacy gap between millennials and other generations. AgeLab researcher Martina Raue was interviewed on the program to outline one solution: financial mentors for young people. Listen here.