Supply Chain Management Master’s Curriculum (Blended)

Note: Degree requirements are different for the residential program option. See SCMr curriculum details 


Required Subjects
Course Number


SCM.500Studies in Supply Chain Management42


Required Subjects
Course Number


SC0xSupply Chain Analytics
SCM.258Written Communication Topics for Supply Chain Management1

Project Requirement

Choose one
SCM.800Capstone Project in Supply Chain Management9
SCM.THGGraduate Thesis3


Required Subjects
Course Number


SCM.262Leading Global Teams3
SCM.254Analytical Methods for Supply Chain Management II3


Required Subjects
Course Number


SCM.263Advanced Writing Workshop for SCM3
SCM.281Supply Chain Public Speaking Workshop1

MASc Requirements


or 6.C51 & SCM.C51
Data Science and Machine Learning for Supply Chain Management

Machine Learning Applications for Supply Chain Management
and Modeling with Machine Learning: from Algorithms to Applications
SCM.800Capstone Project6

MEng Requirements

6C51 & SCM.C51
Modeling with Machine Learning: from Algorithms to Applications

Machine Learning Applications for Supply Chain Management
SCM.THG Graduate Thesis12

Required Elective 

Students need 6 units from the SCM Track plus additional units from 2 of the 3 remaining tracks (Analytics, Leadership & Management, and Finance) to meet requirements. (16-36 units)

Analytics Track
Leadership & Management Track
Strategy Track
Supply Chain Track

Total units: 90-110


Strategy Electives

Course number


SCM.251Supply Chain Financial Analysis 49
SCM.253Case Studies in Supply Chain Financial Analysis6
15.025Game Theory for Strategic Advantage9
15.011Economic Analysis for Business Decisions9
15.401Managerial Finance9
15.521Accounting Information for Decision Makers6
15.535Business Analysis Using Financial Statements9
15.900Competitive Strategy9
15.904Strategy and the CEO6

Supply Chain Track Electives

Case Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
SCM.270Current Challenges in Supply Chain Management2
SCM.283Humanitarian Logistics6
SCM.284Humanitarian Logistics Project6
SCM.289E-Commerce and Omnichannel Fulfillment Strategies6
SCM.290Sustainable Supply Chain Management6
SCM.291Procurement Fundamentals6
SCM.293[J]Urban Last-Mile Logistics6
SCM.294Digital Supply Chain Transformation6
SCM.295Supply Chain Study Trek1
SCM.301Independent Study: Supply Chain Management
SCM.302Independent Study: Supply Chain Management
15.762[J]Supply Chain Analytics12
15.763[J]Supply Chain: Capacity Analytics6
1.266Supply Chain and Demand Analytics6
15.769Operations Strategy9

Analytics Electives

1.200[J]Transportation: Foundations and Methods12
15.071The Analytics Edge12
15.093[J]Optimization Methods12
15.774The Analytics of Operations Management12
15.871Introduction to System Dynamics6
15.872System Dynamics II6
15.873System Dynamics for Business and Policy9
IDS.145[J]Data Mining: Finding the Models and Predictions that Create Value6
IDS.147[J]Statistical Machine Learning and Data Science6
IDS.305[J]Business and Operations Analytics9
IDS.330[J]Real Options for Product and Systems Design9
IDS.333[J]Risk and Decision Analysis9
IDS.338[J]Multidisciplinary Design Optimization12

Leadership Electives

SCM.287[J]Global Aging & the Built Environment12
15.286Communicating with Data6
15.386Leading in Ambiguity: Steering Through Strategic Inflection Points6
15.390New Enterprises12
15.768Management of Services: Concepts, Design, and Delivery9
15.777Healthcare Lab: Introduction to Healthcare Delivery in the United States15
15.784Operations Laboratory9
15.915Business Strategies for a Sustainable Future9

With the permission of the program director, students may substitute SCM.253 Case Studies in Supply Chain Financial Analysis (6 units) plus 3 additional units of electives.