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A Rainy-Day Adventure

To truly understand MIT, one needs to truly understand Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Written by Shantanu Sunil Baviskar

Life as a student in the Master’s program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is often an exhilarating journey filled with challenges and surprises. Recently, I had a day that was nothing short of an adventure. From missed shuttles to getting caught in the rain, here’s a glimpse into an unfortunate day in my life at MIT.

To truly understand MIT, one needs to truly understand Cambridge, Massachusetts. The town is renowned for its swiftly changing weather, which often keeps its residents on their toes. The city’s climate is characterized by its unpredictability, with rapid shifts in temperature, precipitation, and cloud cover occurring throughout the year. In the span of a single day, you might experience sunny skies, sudden rain showers, gusty winds, and even a dramatic drop in temperature. This meteorological unpredictability is a testament to New England’s diverse climate patterns. The ever-changing weather, while keeping residents guessing, also adds a unique and dynamic dimension to the city’s atmosphere. It is essential for locals and visitors alike to be prepared for anything when stepping out in Cambridge. In hindsight, although I was prepared to take on challenges at MIT, I was certainly unprepared for Cambridge!

My very second day at MIT started with a hiccup. I was supposed to catch the shuttle that takes us to the Muckley building, but as I was trying to find the shuttle stop, the shuttle passed right before my eyes and, I missed it. With my initial transportation plan foiled, I decided to rely on the MIT’s EZ Ride service (another convenient shuttle service for students). However, it seemed luck was not on my side that day because as I ran towards the shuttle stop it passed right in front of me! This might have been a stressful start, but as I quickly learned at MIT, adaptability is key. Frustration began to creep in, but I reminded myself that challenges are just opportunities in disguise. I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my way to class using a Blue Bike (rental bike that are docked across campus). It was a bit of a gamble given the cloudy skies, but I was determined to get to class on time. As I pedaled along, the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse, and before I knew it, I was caught in a downpour. Raindrops drenched me from head to toe, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. MIT promised me that studying at MIT is like drinking from the firehose, but here I was getting drenched by it!

Arriving at my first class, completely soaked, I felt a mixture of embarrassment and amusement. But as soon as the lecture began, I was instantly captivated by the subject at hand. MIT’s professors have a remarkable ability to make even the most complex topics engaging. I was so absorbed in the class that I momentarily forgot about being wet. The passion of the instructor and the enthusiasm of my fellow students were infectious.

My day at MIT may have started with transportation mishaps and an unexpected rain shower, but it ended on a high note. MIT’s dynamic learning environment and the incredible dedication of its faculty and students have a way of turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Each day here is an adventure, and I can’t wait to see what the next one holds. MIT has taught me that in the face of adversity, the pursuit of knowledge and the thrill of discovery are worth every soggy moment.