Miguel Rodríguez García

Digital Learning Postdoctoral Associate
MITx MicroMasters Program in Supply Chain Management
Omnichannel Distribution Strategies Research Lab

Miguel Rodríguez-García is a Digital Learning Postdoctoral Associate and researcher at MIT CTL. In digital learning, he works in the development, research and management of the MIT MicroMasters Program in Supply Chain Management.

His research focuses on the design of logistics and supply chain strategies for omnichannel retailers that combine traditional and online sales. He received his PhD on E-grocery Supply Chain Management from the Industrial Engineering School at the University of Vigo, Spain, in 2021. His PhD work aimed to serve as a guide so that omnichannel retailers in the e-grocery industry can choose the most suitable e-fulfillment strategies from a cost perspective.

Miguel has combined his research studies in omnichannel retailing with his work as a management consultant for more than 6 years in Spain, prior to joining MIT CTL. He has led consulting projects focused on logistics and SCM issues, in collaboration with companies from many different industries such as health care, manufacturing, and retailing. All those projects have been done based on Lean and Continuous Improvement philosophy, while incorporating economic-engineering analysis.