Fabrizio Boaron (Fab)

SCMb 2024

As an Italian national, I’ve had the privilege of living in a number of places before settling in the UK. My journey has taken me across Europe—France, Belgium, and Spain—as well as to Brazil and the U.S., specifically California, in the San Francisco area. After completing my degree in Industrial Management in 1994 I relocated from Milan to London. I became a British citizen and I have worked in investment banking until 2014, when, together with two friends, I founded and run an investment advisory company. In 2017 I moved to my current role as portfolio manager for a private equity firm. I am now responsible for structuring acquisitions of distressed companies and formulating turnaround strategies. One of my main objectives for participating in SCMb is to be able to apply to private equity restructuring and turnaround processes the use of emerging technologies, better strategic and operational planning and management capabilities–all this sharing ideas with outstanding people. Outside of my professional life, I am a cyclist and a cooking enthusiast. Reading is another passion and I have a general love for sports. Like many of my fellow students, I have a long list of things I look forward to do while in the Cambridge/Boston area-at the top is immersing myself in its history and culture.