Mayank Raj

SCMr 2024

I grew up in India and completed my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, I joined the car manufacturing company Maruti Suzuki as an engineering trainee. For the last seven years, I have honed my skills resolving pressing business challenges across various functions such as supply chain, manufacturing, and quality assurance. My interest lies in understanding and solving bottleneck problems within complex systems to execute projects critical for business. I value continuing self-improvement, consistently pushing to grow in knowledge and perspective. I welcome constructive dialogue and alternate standpoints as we strive to uplift communities.   

At MIT SCM program, I seek technical and leadership skills to solve next big emerging problems related to business management particularly in operations and supply chain. I love playing and watching Cricket or Table Tennis in my free time. I am excited for the MIT SCM experience and looking forward to exploring MIT as well as Boston this year.