Shantanu Baviskar

SCMr 2024

I have been raised in Mumbai, India and have lived in the city for years. Although, I studied mechanical engineering, I have spent slightly over half a decade working as an investment professional at a local venture capital fund. Interestingly, my fascination with SCM stems from working very closely with a portfolio company that provides cold chain logistics services. Honest I am not sure where I want togo post the SCM degree, but I am certainly seeking a global adventure. Come fall2023, I am excited to meet and learn from my brilliant peers at MIT. In terms of interests, I am deeply passionate about coffee: my friends find it hilarious that I never travel without my moka pot/aeropress. Furthermore, I am an outdoorsy fellow and I spend a lot of my free time trekking, or playing sports such as squash, tennis, and soccer. My 2023 new year resolution is to participate at an open mike comedy event, so I would love an audience to practice my material. Lastly, I am a warm and amicable who gets along with everyone.